Deer Hunting


Experience our Deer Hunting Trips!

If you're after the most stimulating and energizing backwoods experience, our outdoor Hunting Trips and Deer Hunting Trips are exactly what you need. Thomson Outfitters provides years of experience in planning hunting trips and talented guides who know our Wyoming hunting areas like the back of their hand. Deer hunting is an especially popular activity for our visitors, and we offer packing trips and hunting trips that highlight the best of outdoor hunting and backpacking.

Deer Hunting Trips with Thomson Outfitters are available as a 5 day excursion, in which you have the opportunity to tour our expansive area of the Bridger Teton National Forest. In addition to hosting some of the most beautiful vistas and mountain areas in Wyoming, our region of the National Forest features the largest mule deer migration in western Wyoming. The opportunities for deer hunting and game hunting success are vast. 

Hunting Trips are available according to the designated season dates available on our website from our Hunting Trips page. Deer hunting trips can be arranged for both rifle hunting and archery hunting, and take place during September and October. All of our hunting trips include meals, lodging, guides, horses or vehicle, and packing and caring for game. 

Please be sure to ask about additional deer hunting opportunities, including private land mule deer hunting. At Thomson Outfitters, we are committed to providing the safest and most inclusive hunting trips and our staff is ready to supply their talents so that your Wyoming vacation is a success. Contact us to learn more!