"Fishing Cowboy Style!"

Enjoy Brook Trout Fishing

The area abounds with blue ribbon trout fishing streams!  The Green River is within easy walking distance from base camp.  Or join us for a horse ride and guided trout  fishing in the high country.  In addition to the Bridger Wilderness, we also offer private lease stream fishing.

Thomson Outfitters are your guides for trout fishing in Pinedale, Wyoming. We offer professional guided trout fishing trips in the Wind River mountains and Green River in Wyoming. With our valuable information for trout fishing you can enjoy fishing in the trout water of Wyoming. Trout fishing in Wyoming can be very rewarding, if you know where and how to fish here. So if you are planning on trout fishing in Pinedale, Wyoming and need information or a guide, you're at the right place.

Enjoy trout fishing and horse riding during the day, and return to base camp for home cooked suppers and breakfasts!

What ever your fishing passion is when it comes to trout fishing - Thomson Outfitters can provide you with the opportunity to enjoy brook trout fishing in Pinedale, Wyoming.

Brook trout are found in colder streams of Wyoming. The brook trout is very beautiful and voracious, and it changes its color according to the food it eats. It is greenish brown, sometimes iridescent, with light and red spots on its loins and the upper part of the head.

Brown trout and brook trout are easily caught near the shore during fall spawning runs. They feed on aquatic and terrestrial insects. Larger brook trout will eat small fish if they are available. We find brook trout are easy to catch, especially in the early spring or late fall when cold water temperatures keep the fish very active. The table quality of brook trout is delicious.


Please bring your personal belongings, sleeping bags, fishing gear, waders (optional) and foot wear.