Pack Trips: $400.00/person/day. Includes food, lodging and horses. Group discounts available. Group size 10 or smaller.

Base Camp Stay: Stay at our Base Camp and ride horses to excellent fishing and scenic mountains! $375.00/person/day. Includes food, lodging and horses. Group discounts available. Group size 10 or smaller.

Day Horseback Rides: $150/person/day. These trips includes lunch. Children welcome. No experience necessary. Horses are gentle. Bring your own fishing pole & camera.

Spot Packs* We pack your gear and you ride to your destination.:
$200.00 per guide/packer per day
$175.00 per pack and riding animal per day

Gear Drops* We pack your gear in and you hike to your destination.
$200.00per guide/packer per day
$175.00 per pack animal per day

*Spot Packs and Gear Drop prices are based on a 10 hour day. Additional hours for trips to remote locations will be charged out at 1/10th the daily rate.


Hunting Trips Price List
A 25% Deposit is required upon Booking

Elk 6 Day $5,200 Drive In
$5,700 Pack In

(license almost guaranteed)
5 Day $2,900
Mountain Lion Hunts 5 Day $4,500
Moose Hunting Trips 6 Day $5,200
Big Horn Sheep Hunting Trips 10 Day $8,500
Deer Hunting Trips 5 Day $4,000
Antelope Hunting Trips 3 Day $1,750
Spring Bear Hunting Trips 5 Day $4,000

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Hunting Terms & Conditions: To book a hunt a $500.00 deposit is required. If you are not successful in drawing a tag the deposit will be refunded to you in full, or you can leave it for next years hunt. Once you are successful in the draw for the species you booked the hunt for, 1/2 of the balance is due at that time and the remaining balance is due with in 60 days or upon arrival which ever comes first. Once you acquire a tag ALL DEPOSITS AND MONIES RECIEVED ARE NON REFUNDABLE, NO EXCEPTIONS!!! If you are unable to go on the hunt you will be credited the amount of money you have paid in towards another hunt with in five years or until you draw a tag. If you fail in any year to apply for a tag, without prior arrangemts made with Thomson Outfitters, you will not be credited for the money you have sent in and it becomes property of Thomson Outfitters.